Want Android Radio Apps that drive you crazy?

Android Radio Apps
Android Radio Apps

Android Radio Apps

There are countless ways to listen to music. Sometimes, people just like to listen and let it go. They don’t like to manage playlists. There are following ways to listen to music:
• Watch video music
• Music on televisions
• Music Streaming
• Listen to the Radio
• Listen to playlist
For people who don’t like playlists, there are many Android Radio apps. They don’t like to download and manage songs and music. Some people think Radio is old medium. The increase in smartphones has given new opportunities to the world. Now Radio is no longer traditional medium. Android has different radio apps. These apps let us listen to on-demand shows. Everyone can listen to it according to their taste. It can listen anywhere. Mobiles have also built in radio app. Android Radio apps from play store have different features. These can be following functions:
• Listen to live radio
• Listen to on-demand shows
• Listen to Online Radio
• Catches every sports show
• Follow to favorite stations
• Find favorite shows, stations, and podcasts
• Record the shows
• Listen to music from all Genre’s
• Works everywhere you go
• Available for free

Here is list of best Android Radio Apps
• IHeartRadio
• TuneIn Radio
• Spotify
• Pandora Radio
• XiaaLive
• Songza

1- IHeartRadio:

This app is different from other Android Radio Apps. It has more features than others. It also works as traditional radio. It offers following things in it:
• Music
• Talk shows
• News
• Entertainment
• Sports
It is available in three countries:
• Australia
• New Zealand
• The United States
Why we select iHeartRadio?
• It has collection of eighteen million songs from four lacs artists
• It offers to tune more than 800 live FM/AM Radios all over the country
• It has an extensive list of content
It has an interactive and attractive interface. It is easy to use. It is very eye catching. It is free of cost.
It has following features:
• You can create own station
• A lot of music playlists
• Choose favorite songs, artists, genre’s
• “For You” feature for own taste


2- TuneIn Radio:

It is a top search of Google’s Play Store. It is also like iHeartRadio. It can tune following things as follows:
• Music
• Sports
• News
• Talk shows
• Podcast
• Live Radio Streams
It is available worldwide. It can stream more than one lac radio channels. It doesn’t have its library of songs. It has high performance. It requires real power to run smoothly.
It has following features:
• It is the real radio app
• It works globally
• It has a massive user base
• It allows content creators to broadcast their stream
It is a free app. Its upgrade version needs $9.99 USD.

TuneIn Radio
TuneIn Radio

3- Spotify:

It is another streaming app. It has put a significant focus on radio streaming. It works on playlists of new music. Especially that music which you haven’t heard yet. In this, you can also tune in “Genre’s”. It has a new option of thumbs up and thumbs down.

Spotify Radio

4- Pandora Radio:

It gives you a personalized radio. You can listen to whatever you want. It continually works for our taste. It has following features:
• Create personalized station from artists, songs, and genres.
• Hundreds of types to find out perfect match for mood
• Create an account and listen to mobiles, cars, home devices, and TVs.
It uses a large amount of data. Try to connect trusted Wi-Fi connection to avoid problems.


5- XiaaLive:

It is powered by SHOUTcast technology. It taps into online radio. It has following features:
• Music
• Talk shows
It is available world widely.
It can only tune into the SHOUTcast station. It has more than fifty thousand to choose. Most of them are music-centric in the genre. But there are also many other things.
Its interface is weaker than others. It is confusing at first. Due to SHOUTcast, it allows starting the own new radio station. There is a scan feature. It is used to find new stations. It is like the scan of traditional radio. It is free with ads.

XiiaLive Radio
XiiaLive Radio

6- Songza:

It is an internet radio like Pandora. It can stream music playlists. Songza’s playlists are curated by the team of music expertise. It is available only in Canada and the United States.
• It has access to over twenty million songs
• These songs are split into hundreds of playlists
• Each playlist may have a few dozen songs
• You can switch from one to another playlist
• It can explore everything it offers
It has a unique interface. It looks fresh and good. It is unlike the other Android Radio Apps. It is easy to use. It has following features:
• It has a “Music Concierge” feature. It takes the user’s mood.
• It presents a selection of best fitting playlists.
• Playlists can search by the activity.
It is free. The best thing about it that it has no ads.


If you listen to the radio, you should go through these apps. The worldwide app TuneIn is one of the best Android Radio Apps. Radio is a source of information. It also improves English. It can listen anywhere. Hope you will enjoy these apps.