Android Multiplayer Games for Best Gaming Combat

Android Multiplayer Games

Android Multiplayer Game

Plenty of Android multiplayer games are developed now and then. If you don’t want to buy a high-end PC or any console, then you can play amazing games on you android phone. You can have best gaming experience. You can
• Play with people all around the world
• Play game with your friends
• Play solo or with other people on different platforms

You can find all types of games on Play Store e.g. shooting games, racing and much more. Why should you play alone when you can compete with other players. People want to show their gaming skills. That is the reason they want to compete with other players to test their abilities. Every player wants to beat his/her opponent. Android multiplayer games are surely the source of pure entertainment. Let’s review some of the best Android multiplayer games.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Blackout gives you competitive multiplayer experience on your smartphone. It requires strategic planning. Players work in teams to cover up spots in the given maps. Beat the opposing teams. Gun down the foe in sight. In short, the competition is intense. Learn all the keys and controls and you’ll have the best Blackout experience.
Modern Combat 5 has some advanced progression system. In this system, the more you play more weapons unlock.
• It can operate on both Android and iOS
• You can chat with your mates to know their status
• Major drag is that you cannot play it offline. Without the internet connection, you cannot finish or play even a single level.

Asphalt 8: Airborne (free/in-app purchases)

Asphalt 8 Airborne is a racing game that has been improving over time. It is one of the best Android multiplayer games regarding racing. It has maps of different cities and places with racing track. The player tries to come first.
• With every success comes an achievement.
• It offers tons of cars. You unlock them by gaining specified amount of coins.
• It offers real-time multiplayer against 12 opponent racers.
• It is a lot of fun to race in Asphalt 8: Airborne.
android multiplayer games
Asphalt 8: Airborne

Fruit Ninja (free)

Fruit Ninja can be offline. It is becoming popular each day as it brings ninja skills to your phone. In this game, two players go against each other in fruit slashing competition. One who cuts more fruits and combos will be the winner. Each battle end at a particular time. So you have to slash more fruits as possible in a specified period. The winner will be chosen based on the score.

Vainglory: (free)

Vainglory offers the feeling of a PC shooter to you smartphone. Players display coordination in the battle arena. It gives you the experience of the avatar coming to life. The team then tries to enter and conquer the enemy’s territory. With the help of the map and weapons, they defend themselves. Battles can continue for many minutes.

Android multiplayer games

Captain Cowboy:

Its interface includes Boulder dash in space.
• You dig through its dirt
• Grab the diamonds
• Try best to avoid being crushed by boulders
It has space bits floating all around, space laser towers, bus stops in the space and a disco. You have to find all that stuff around the area. Buy this game and try your best in the space!


• You don’t have to buy expensive consoles and PC gaming setup
• Allows multiple users to have the best gaming experience at a time
• Many of these games are for free
• These are super fun to play and are flexible
• Multiple battle options are available


Android multiplayer games do have some cons such as;

• Many games offer some features only by in-app purchases
• They lag very often
• Many of these games only work with the internet connection