What Android Material Design is Really About

Google's Android Material Design
Android's Visual Identity

Android Material Design

Most of us don’t have the idea about this term “Android Material Design” because it’s new and it’s latest. Let’s have a quick introduction to what for you’re looking.

Material design is a brief guide for static, visual and interface design across platforms and devices. Android Material Design released in November alongside Android Lollipop version. It has gone viral since then. Everyone including designers and technical persons is enjoying it.
Material Design language has a rich set of design styles and principles. It has become the heart and soul of Google’s Android universe.

Android Material Design

Once you start using Material Design in Android, it brings styles in variation, and you might think it has begun looking out of touch, out of place, and out of date. But, not to worry there is a lot to discover.

Here’s the list of 5 extraordinary Material Design Android Apps:

1. PaperBoy (free)

Android Material Design- PaperBoy

If you want to have a magazine like reading experience, PaperBoy is worth giving a shot. It offers:
1. Smooth animations
2. Colorful Material Design elements.

2. FeedlyReader (free)

Android Material Design - FeedlyReader

To keep all the news sites in your pocket. FeedlyReader is for you. It’s minor, but great RSS reader lets you see the latest stories. It offers:
1. Swipe shortcuts
2. Clean card-based layout.

3. Pocket Casts

Android Material Design - PocketCast
Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts has the most bright and funky interface–on the Android Material Design platform. It is available for $3.99. It has:
1. Cross-device syncing
2. Easy to use

4. Buzzfeed (free)

Android Material Design - BuzzFeed

Buzzfeed is not only about the funny and lol-worthy GIFs. It is one of the most famous we have around. The site has original writers who produce quality content about tech and stuff. But, yeah silly folks are still there, too. The app provides:
1. Admirable Design
2. Follows Google’s current standards
3. That’s how a site-based app should be like

5. Messenger (free)

Android Material Design - Facebook Messenger
Facebook Messenger

If you are tired of your traditional texting interface and all of those themes, you used. Then, Google’s new messenger is a tough one to beat when it comes to smooth and clean texting experience. Unless you’re not using Hangouts for your messaging needs, this is worth giving a shot.

6. Snapseed (free)

Android Material Design - Snapspeed

Snapseed has no match for editing images on your mobile device. It’s free and has amazing photo manipulation features. It offers the following level of editing for stuff like spot repair and lens focus:
1. Basic level
2. Advance level

7. Minima Live Wallpaper (free with optional)

Android Material Design - Minima Live Wallpaper App
Minima Live Wallpaper App

If you want to have an extra dose of Material Design Minima Live Wallpaper is the one to add into your Android Material Design collection. It gives plenty of amazing backgrounds. You can even customize as per your likings. And practically every element can be customized but for that, you would have to spend a little amount of $0.99 (Pro version).

There you have it. Seven amazing Material Design apps for your Android. Check and select the ones that please you. And have a whole lot of new experience.