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Android Launcher

Android Launcher is the name of an Android user interface that allows users to customize the home screen, active mobile apps, make calls and do other tasks on Android devices. The launcher is built-in the Android. However, many launchers are available for download in play store.
One of the best features of Android launchers is that you can design your phone’s interface the way you is like. It is different from Apple which doesn’t allow its users to create phone’s phones interface only the company decides how iOS should look like. You can customize your Android home screen and app drawer without any effort, all you need is an Android launcher, also known as home screen replacement. With this app, you can change the design of software and features of your phone’s operating system without making any permanent change.

android launcher

Types of Launchers

Bombers fall into two categories which “design” and “smart”. Well, the first one allows you to change the entire look of your phone’s home screen by creating the simple design or elaborate design that look like carved wood or a “collage of photos.” You can also add custom gestures to your phone like the press and hold the back button to open a particular app. Now let’s come to the second type smart launchers tries to put relevant information on the front and center throughout your day while you wake up, go to work or at your home watching TV. Smart launchers I think are better because they give your the information you need and change the typical home screen setup to a new experience.

Modern Launchers

Now we will have a look on some popular launchers like:

Nova Launcher:

Nova launcher is designed by “TeslaCoil Software”, it is one of the most popular software it has the dozen of features and is available in both free and prime versions. The free version does not have some of the customization features, but original version fills the gap. It has following features.
• It Custom grid to fill all your apps and widget needs.
• It has easily scrollable docks.
• It has Infinite scroll supported.
• Fantastic scroll effect (Cube and card stack in free version)
• Different folder icons.
• You can hide apps within the drawer.
• You can easily backup and restore your data.

Android launcher


It is an opponent to the Nova; Apex Launcher makes the Android customization even more impressive. It was same as Nova, with some cool modifications and is available in two formats, Free and paid. If you are a regular user, go with free if you are a power user, I recommend to choose the pro version. As a home screen replacement app, you can customize the grid size, equipped with scrollable docks. In addition to that, you’ll also get the two types of scrolling effect, infinite and elastic. Overall, everything will remain professional; you can customize folders, icons, transition effects, and much more.
It has following features:
• It has Customizable grid and home screen size.
• Scrollable docks.
• Infinite and elastic scrolling.
• You can customize folders and apps
• Great transitional effects.
• Smooth and different home screen gestures.
• Launcher settings can restore and backup.

android launcher

Google Now Launcher:

There were a lot of changing in the Android, but one thing that remains unchanged, it is Google now launcher. It is the default Android launcher. You’ll also get the Google Now, a personal assistant for Android that comes with Google Now. Because it’s a built-in app so you can’t ignore it but developers frequently update it, so there is no bug and has following functions:
• One of the best launcher app and having a tremendous reputation in the play store.
• Updated frequently to get rid of bugs.
• Google voice search is integrated for smooth surfing.
• Fast and reliable launcher for Android smartphones.

Android launcher

Action Launcher:

This Android Launcher is an adventure type launcher contain tons of features to work on. It is the highly customizable launcher; you’ll get some unique features. The simple and straightforward user interface make it enough for production, by the way, you can customize as per your needs. However, it is noticed that this launcher has high requirements like a good processor, enough RAM, etc.
Following are its features
• It has with Quick drawer and Quick bar.
• Covers and Shutters are unique in action launcher.
• Change Android themes quickly with a Quick theme.
• It has fastest scroll-able docks over other launchers.
• Infinite and elastic scrolling for smooth control.
• Easy back/restore supported.

Android launcher

C Launcher:

If you are budget Android phone user, then C launcher will be a charming thing for you. Its resources give an excellent look and good performance of your phone. It can even operate in the low-end smartphone so that it would be a mid-rangers launcher.
It has following features:
• Personalize your home screen can be easy with this app.
• The main attraction is glowing themes and HD wallpapers.
• Nine distinct characteristic effects.
• A lot of rehash features are included.

Android launcher
So you have read about Android launcher, its types, and some popular launchers. They have amazing features but there is one thing these bombers consume a lot of battery, but if you use battering saving apps this problem can be overcome. So go and get the launcher which suits you the most.