Top Ten Android Health Applications


Android Health Applications

Almost each person in this world cares about his health & fitness. Each person wants a healthy life. The teenagers want a shaped body. Senior citizens feel pain in their legs. Yes, it is due to their increasing age. Women also want slimness & fitness.
A lot of Android health Applications are available in Play Store market that can help you to gain a healthy body. Here are Top Ten Android health Applications.
1- C25K Couch to 5K by Run-Double
It is Free with in-app purchases. It has almost 14500+ downloads. It is a fitness app that is helpful for running & jogging. It allows you to create music playlists. It also allows you to create various tracking features for running. This app includes Marathon training programs including zero to 10-k, 5 to 10-k and much more. This app is a free trial version. The full version of this app costs almost $1.60. In Google play store, this app has the rating of 4.7 stars.
2- 7 Minute Workout
This application is also a free trial version. This app has more than 3M downloads. If you want to lose weight, get a flat strengthen abdominal muscles then get the dreamed abs with six pack. 7 minutes abs workout can enhance your core and tone your abs. It contains videos on how to perform each exercise. It includes 12 exercises designed to be done at home with minimal equipment. Each exercise is 30 seconds with a 10-second break between them. Rating of this app is 4.5 stars.
3- Calorie Counter- My-FitnessPal
It is a free trial version app. This app has more than 1M downloads. A pro version costs $0.99. Exercising is imperative but on the other hand, diet is more important. If your diet is not healthy, then your exercise is of no use. In this app, there is a database of four million foods so you can find what you ate and keep an accurate count of your calories. It logs your calories. It also contains a web interface, so you can use if you need it. In Google play store, it has the ranking of 4.6 stars.
4- Fit-notes Gym Workout Log
This app is free of cost. Some apps try to take direct control of your life. These apps help you to make a perfect shape of your body. In this app, you can monitor what you are doing. You also can create custom routines and workouts. There is no advertising in this app. This app includes an entire database of exercises. So, if you are a gym lover, then you should have this app.
5- Google Fit
This app is also the free version. Downloads of this app have increased from 190K. It has been around for a while now. It is entirely integrated with Android Wear. This feature is fantastic. This feature makes it a must-try option for those who rock a smartwatch. As you walk or move, your Android app tracks your distance with the help of GPS system. It gets instant insights. Rating of this app is 4-0 stars.
6- Progression Pro Unlocker
Pro version is very costly almost $3.99, but it has won the people’s hearts. No doubt, a small number of people used it, but they give an impressive response. This app contains built-in exercise regimens for you. Also, you can make your own. These regiments helpful for people with restricted practices. This app relies on a time trial style method of motivation. Moreover, this app has a beautiful and attractive Material Design Interface. Rating of this app is 4.7 stars whereas. Its number of downloads are 1k+.
7- Endo-mondo
This app is Editor’s Choice. Rating of this app is 4.4 stars. It is considered one of the best of the best fitness apps when it comes to apps. You can track your fitness & performance and also much more. This app uses GPS to track your running & workouts. It also helps you to reach your fitness goals. Its downloads have increased from three lacs.
8- Strong-lifts 5×5 Workout
This app is free of cost. Rating of this app is 4.8 stars. It contains the most straightforward and efficient workouts to get stronger muscle and burn fat fast. It gives you a homework of three exercises, three times week, 45 minutes per workout. Many people are using this fantastic app. This app is like a coach. It gives details about each exercise and with how much weight you will do. Overall, this is a great app. Its number of downloads have increased from 36K.
9- Pocket Yoga
It has proven that Yoga is good for health. This app is ours favorite. Also, Yoga is best for fitness. It offers 27 different sessions based on your expertise. Also, it contains almost 200 poses for you with images and video. This content helps you to get it just right. Its rating is 4.4 stars whereas some downloads are more than 1K.
10- Runtastic-App
It is one of the most popular health apps out there right now. Its number of downloads are more than 590K. It has a ton of health benefits. You’ll also get a voice coach that will help you for your daily work. The feature list is long and with a 4.5 rating after 10 million downloads, It’s safe to assume that this app meets expectations most of the time. Its ranking is 4.5 stars.