The Best Android Game Controller You Must Try

Android Game Controller

Android Game Controller

The majority of Android games are designed with the touchscreen. Playing games on a touchscreen can be a little bit complicated and annoying. But there are certain times when you use game controllers; this makes more sense. These drivers apply mainly to games that are ported from a console over to Android, as well as to emulators. It gives you the enjoyable experience while using a game controller. For example, in VR games your phone is strapped to your face. So, Android Game Controller is used.

Android Game Controller
What is a Game Controller?
It is a gadget used with games or amusement systems. It grants input to a video game. It usually used to manage an object in the game. A game controller is linked to a computer with the help of a cable or string. These input devices are known as game controllers. These may contain mice, gamepads, keyboards, joysticks, and so on. There are also some Particular purpose devices, for example, light guns for shooting games and steering wheels for driving games. These are also one of the game controllers. These Game controllers are enhanced over the years. Here are some useful features that you should know about game controller.
• Beautiful Design & Solid Build
• Button’s Responsiveness
• Battery Life
• Official Support App
• Support for Apps and Games

Game Controllers in Market

There are many different drivers in the market today to choose from. But here we want to focus on the five controllers we think are the very best. A vast majority of the controllers here look almost same in size and shape.
1. Mad Cats Game Smart C.T.R.L
It is designed for both Android and PC. It works perfectly with the Android Devices. It runs smoothly on The Shield Tablet, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Nexus 6, Nexus 6P, etc. The C.T.R.L. sticks to the traditional Xbox 360 layout in Design. This controller offers a d-pad, two analog sticks, four main action buttons on the face (A, B, X, Y), back, and start, a button for sync, two smaller shoulder bumpers, and two shoulder triggers. It allows you many functions including play/pause, fast forward, rewind, and turn the volume up and down. It also another unique feature of three modes. These modes can be toggled from a three-way sliding switch. This controller uses AAs and can run about 40 hours of continuous play. It is a perfect Android Game Controller with beautiful Design.
2. Steel Series Stratus XL
The Stratus XL is the most impressive looking and feeling of the Bluetooth gamepads that I have reviewed. It has a beautiful black design with orange and gray accent colors. Also, it is not too much heavy as compared to others. It includes two joysticks that are near the bottom and are lined up directly across from one another. It has a D-pad to the upper left. Otherwise, there are four main action buttons (A, B, X, Y) on the face, alongside three different buttons in the center, and at the top, you’ll find two triggers and two shoulder buttons. It is compatible with both PC and Android. Its battery life is more than 10 hours.
3. MOGA Mobile Gaming System
It is the cheapest controller in the list. It is still an accomplished gamepad. If you don’t have too much money to buy Android Game Controller, you should certainly think about this gamepad. It is an entirely portable game controller with dual analog sticks, four action buttons and shoulder triggers. It is a cheap controller with perfect working. You can also charge the gamepad back up without replacing its battery.
4. Sminiker Gamepad
Sminiker is an unknown Chinese brand that clearly is a PlayStation controller knock-off. It has a standard design, complete with four action buttons, a D-pad, two shoulders two analog sticks, start/select buttons, and four shoulder buttons. There is also a clip for a phone holder that works correctly with 6-inches+ display screens. Its battery timing is almost 3-4 hours. This controller is also very cheap to buy with real working features.
5. Razer Serval
This gamepad also works fine with Windows and Mac Computers. This Android Game Controller has a Xbox-esque design in place. It has four face buttons, two triggers, two analog sticks and two shoulder buttons. This gamepad is made up of plastic. It makes a bit awkward in the hand. This is not an ugly controller, but snake pattern makes it a little bit tacky. I do not know the exact battery timing of this gamepad, but it is good in use.

Android Game Controller