How’s New Android Facetime ?

Android Facetime
Android Facetime

Android Facetime

Today internet makes the world a global village. People living far away can connect to their loved ones. There are many apps that are used for communication for images, audio, and video. Facetime was first introduced by the apple. Because of their too many usages google also develop the Android Facetime. You can also use the facetime of apple on android phones by the emulator. Google duo released facetime for android user. You can make audio or video call by the facetime. It is very simple and attractive. It is very easy to use not have complicated menus like other apps.

Android Facetime & IOS Facetime:

Android Facetime
Android Facetime

Google has recently introduced two new apps messaging app Allo and video app Duo. The apps are very similar to the apple’s app iMessage and facetime respectively. But the advantage of Allo and Duo is that they can use on both Android and IOS. In the recent past, Google has released the Duo that is available on both App store and Google play store.

Description of Android Facetime (Duo):

Android Facetime
Android Facetime

Google develops an app Duo that provides the seamless way of video calls with friends and loved ones. It is very easy to make the call on facetime.All you have to
>>Go to Contact list
>>Select the number
>>click on video to make call

Features of Duo:

Android Facetime
Android Facetime

No need of account setup and lengthy processes to get started. However, the person to whom you are calling must have installed the facetime on his device. Google claimed that their Duo will work fast and reliable. Even when your network is slower. It all become possible because of the automatic resolution to keep the call going. The most considerable feature of Duo is that it can switch Wi-Fi to cellular data without dropping the call. This makes it distinct from the IOS facetime.
The coolest feature of Duo is knock knock. Knock knock lets you see a video of the person before answering to call. This features helps you to decide either answer the call or just avoid it.For security purposes, Duo calls are the end to end encrypted. It seems like iPhone fans will not move to Duo. But they should install the Duo and must take an experience.

How to download Facetime for android:

Android Facetime
Android Facetime

Facetime is actually developed by the apple. But if you want the face time in any device that is not of apple you can also use them by the emulator. Install IOS emulator on any windows version PC. You can directly install the facetime on your android.
>>go to google play store
>>search the app Duo
>>download the Duo
>>intstall on PC

Additional information:

The total number of reviews are 25,107. It is updated August 15, 2016.Duo requires Android 4.1 and up. Its current rating is 4.5 out of 5.

Simple interface:

Pick a loved ones click the button and make the video call.

Knock knock:

See the caller before answering the call.

High-Quality Video:

Experience the faster high-quality video more than other.

Cross platform:

You can call the friends on both Android and IOS.