Android Doze The Smartphone Life Savior


Android Doze

Android marshmallow 6.0 has come with many new features. One of these is ‘doze’. This newly added feature helps to improve battery life of smartphone or tablet. We have seen battery saver modes were also the part of previous versions of Android operating systems, but Android Doze works more efficiently. Android smartphones and tablets will automatically go to sleep when you leave them alone, or when they will be idle. This will save battery life for later use. Doze is designed to work automatically, but you can tease it and even make it work better. It contains set of predefined rules featthat will put an Android smartphone or tablet to sleep when it will be motionless.

Android doze
Android grant permission for applications to run in the background. This app can check for new data, receive new notifications and do whatever they want. This thing has no issue when you are using your smartphone or tablet. But when your phone or tablet is lying on a table motionless, and you are not even using it, it does not constantly need to be alert.
Doze start working when you are not using your device, and it is at rest. Technically it halts wake locks from waking your device and keeping it in lower power sleep state. In this state only high preference notification such that phone calls and chat messages will wake up the device. Apps are not permitted to synchronize in the background regularly. For managing all this doze gives “idle maintenance windows” every once for a moment where apps can do their work. As time passes and you are not using your phone or tablet those windows come more and more away.
Doze only works when your phone is absolutely at rest. If you have your phone in pocket, it won’t work at all. It gets data from the accelerometer of your phone and uses this data to see whether the phone is moving or not. It means the phone has to be sitting on a table completely motionless for doze to start working.
Android Doze won’t block notification which has the high preference. It does not prevent the notification from your cellular provider like SMS messages and incoming phone calls. The phone will awake from alarm too. So you don’t need to be worry about these things.
Other apps like Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc. can mark their notification as the high preference. This notification will still be delivered to you. Other apps which do not mark their information as a higher preference, won’t get through doze. For example candy, crush notifications won’t wake up your device.

Android doze
Now the question is what system is available to stop an app developer from abusing high priority management? The answer is Google Cloud messaging. High priority notifications are delivered through Google Cloud Messaging. It means that Google has control over them. If they found an app developer abusing high priority information, they will not allow notifications to wake up the device. A few application are also authorized to whitelist themselves so that these are not affected by doze.
Android Doze is a smart feature of Android marshmallow. Google play store also have doze app if you do not have marshmallow version on your device. You can install doze from android play store. It will smartly save a lot of extra consumption of a battery.