Easy Data Transfer Through Android Beam

Android Beam

Android Beam

It is a feature that enables Android-based phones and tablets to share content via NFC (Near Field Communication. You can directly share materials by touching the cell phones and tablets. This Android Phone feature was first appeared in Ice Cream Sandwich v4.0. This feature was improved after Google acquired Bump!. Android Beam relies on Near Field Communication (NFC) to beam. Contents may contain Photos, Web pages, links, Contact details, Videos and much more. This feature can also be used for contactless payments and funds transfers.


Data transfers happen over the Bluetooth. NFC is used to establish a short-lived Bluetooth connection between devices. Many users even don’t know that NFC uses Bluetooth to share data. The reason is that you don’t even need to turn on the Bluetooth. Android handles everything itself.
For this feature, your phone must have NFC (near field communication) feature. You can use this cool Android feature by following these steps:
Step (For Android Phones)
Step 1: Check NFC Capability
Go to your phone’s Settings then More. If you find NFC feature in settings, then that means the device supports NFC. Then mark the block next to NFC to turn it on. Now repeat this process on both devices to ensure they both support NFC.

Android Beam
Step 2: Open the Content You Want to Share

Now, open the specified content that you want to share with another cell phone. Like
Map Directions: Open Google Map app and pull up the direction.
YouTube: Open YouTube app.
Contact: Open the contact card in the People App.
Web Pages: Open web page in Google Chrome.
Photos: Open Gallery, select a photo. If you want to send multiple images, press long a photo’s thumbnail and then selecting remainder images.

Step 3: Beam the Content
The important thing about using Android Beam is, both devices are powered on and unlocked. If one device’s screen is off, then it will not share the content, and Android Beam will not work.
Now, tab both devices back to back.

Note about Tablets:

The above steps were for Android Cell Phones. While in the case of Android Tablets, it is a little bit more different. You have to press just right there; the NFC chip is present. If you press anywhere else, then this feature will not work. Let’s take an example: if you have a Nexus 7, you cannot just tap your smartphone against anywhere on the back of the Nexus 7. It must be tabbed against the area where the NFC chip is present In Nexus 7; the chip is present near the upper part of the back, not the bottom.
Moreover, you should hear a sound when the NFC connection is established between the devices. There you will see Touch to beam appear on the screen along with an animated or black background. Touch the item on the screen and the other side; it will look the next device’s screen.
Samsung phones also include Android Beam feature. But it is different from S Beam feature.
Overall, Android Beam is easy to use when sharing data with no distance. You must have to combine both devices to send data. In Google Play Store, this feature is available, but its rating is not that impressive as it should be.